4 Weddings in 4 Days

Devon Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer is so many things. Rewarding, fulfilling, life-affirming, emotional, exciting. I always feel honoured to photograph someone's wedding day as I know the photos will last a lifetime. This adds a sense of pressure, naturally, but also pride when they let me know how they feel about them.

It's in the moments of wondrous chaos that I know it's exactly where I'm meant to be, doing exactly this. When the bride is talking to her best friend about how excited she is, the groom's face as he sees her walk in and the glow on the family member's faces. Capturing an individual moment is enthralling.

My favourite moment in the day is after the couple get married, they go to sign the register, and when the witnesses, vicar or registrar is signing it, it's the first time as a married couple they get a moment to themselves. They always look at each other so excitedly, it's perfect.

Photographing 4 weddings in 4 days has been a challenge but I can honestly say I have loved every moment. I never tire of getting to know the couples, the family and seeng their perfect day unfold. I have still managed to venture up on to Dartmoor each day too, to get my daily photo.

Now all that's left to do is edit the last wedding day... How many coffees are you allowed in one morning?