Gone to the expense of buying a nice camera but still unsure how to use it? Let's get you off auto! 

I don't believe you can learn how to see a photo, that's art and you can either see a photo or you can't. I am not someone who can teach you about what you should photograph, that is found in your heart, great photography comes from a passion to capture what you see. I am what you call 'self taught' but in reality that just means I taught myself how to do camera settings, because knowing what to photograph and and how to take great photos only comes from lots and lots of practice, as well as a natural eye for it.

The part of photography that can be taught is camera settings, in my lessons I aim that I can get you off auto and make sure you truly understand how to use your camera. I want to work with you but at your pace, I never did well at school because I don't learn well from being told things, I have have a go at it myself, and that is what I want to do with you.

The first hour of each lesson will be spent talking about the type of photography you're most interested in and going through the settings on your camera. We will then venture out with the cameras and put what we have just gone through into action. 

Lessons are £80 for 2hrs.