The business spark my Dad ignited 

I'm a little bit of a fan when it comes to business, it's always been the way my brain is wired. My Dad was always pointing out to me different ideas, and without meaning to he shaped the way I saw the world. When I was little I started an egg business (that is a photo of me with my first chicken), I'd sell eggs at the end of the lane but also at school to my teachers, this business taught me so much, as well as igniting the spark of business in my heart. I always found it interesting that I was so glued to coming up with business ideas, it was only recently that I realised that my passion is actually having something that others can benefit from and something they'd become happier from.
Photography has been the perfect way to enable so many people to have the opportunity to showcase their talents, I love meeting people who also have the business spark, my aim always being that I want to help them succeed.

Photography for all businesses

  • Products can be taken on location or sent to my home studio

  • Headshots & team shots taken on location

  • Also available for events

£170/hr + VAT with all high resolution digital images inc.

“Emily is one of the most amazing photographers I’ve had the honour of working with. Always professional, engaging and dedicated to delivering the very best experience and outcome for her clients. I can’t recommend her enough!.”