Answering most googled questions about 'Photographer'

So I found the most interesting website, you type in a word and it brings up the most googled questions regarding that word. Naturally I was interested in all the photography related terms.

Below are the questions asked regarding the term 'photographer' that start with 'are' and I'll try and answer them...

Are photographers artists?
Yes photography is considered a form of art. When a photographer takes a picture they are thinking about a whole rage of aspects to make that image composed perfectly.

Are photographer photos copyrighted?
Yes all photos are copyrighted to the person who took the image, regardless of who's equipment was used.

Photographer are you comfortable?
It's a lifestyle where you have to be prepared to have times of higher and lower income. As long as you are good at budgeting then yes you can be comfortable.

Photographers are rich?
Completely depends on the type of photography you do, how good you are and the area you live.

Photographer are needed
Photographers catch a moment in time that will never happen again, however they are not 'needed'.

Are wedding photographer prices negotiable?
Some are yes. Completely depends on the photographer. If your wedding is a weekday or out of the busy season, photographers are more likely to drop their prices.

What are photographer pants?
I do not know but I would love to... Please tell me if you find out!