Coffee Shop Wondering

As I sit in the Starbucks cafe at Exeter St Davids waiting for my train home to Okehampton I look around people watching…a favourite pass time of mine, especially as a photographer. It’s hard not to grab my camera and take photos of the life that’s going on around me. I’ve just looked to my right and there are 3 children excitably hugging each other, I’m guessing they’re cousins or friends who’ve not seen each other recently. I look to my left and everyone is sat on their phones, some smiling to whatever is on the screen and some looking worried. You can’t help but wonder about everyone’s day, and make up little stories in your head of what they’re up to. It’s sat here, having the chance to reflect on everything I realise how flipping happy I am, with the life I get to live.

This week will be a crazy but fun week, tomorrow is Monday, a day I am lucky not to dread unlike a lot of society. Tomorrow I will be preparing things for Okehampton Show, creating new content for the South West Photographers website and meeting with a lady from a charity I have started working for - FCN (Farming Community Network) then after work I am meeting Beth for tea. In my mind this is a perfect day. 

Maybe sitting in a cafe on my own, just thinking and people watching is something I should do more often.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Much Love,

Em x