Covid Weddings

Hello Everyone,

If you have clicked on this covid wedding blog then my heart goes out to you. Most likely you’re in a tricky situation so I am going to try my best at explaining the wedding and covid situation. I am not God however, so I can’t say 100% what is going to happen.

Are weddings currently allowed?

Yes is the easy answer! Also if you quite simply just want to marry the person you love, then weddings are A LOT cheaper at the moment.
The more in depth answer is your wedding ceremony at the moment is allowed 30 people, this includes EVERYONE so make sure you’ve counted your vicar, photographer, organist and registrar.

So your wedding ceremony can have up to 30 folks, however your wedding reception can not. You can only have 6 people from 2 households for this part. My advice here would be to be clever… There is nothing stopping you from booking a table at a pub/restaurant for the 6 of you, and coincidentally the rest of the 30 people booking tables of 6 at the same place and time… Just DO NOT BREAK THE RULES and make sure you keep your distance.

Will covid affect 2021 weddings? 

Yes, is the simple answer, covid will affect 2021 weddings. I feel it’ll hugely depend on your guests, where they live, any illnesses they have and what they’re happy to do. Consider for your 2021 wedding if any of your wedding guests are coming from other countries? I know my sister and her family wouldn’t want to come to the UK for a long time! (They live in New Zealand). There will be aspects of weddings that will potentially change forever, even after Covid has gone. However do not panic weddings will still be exactly what you want them to be (it’s the businesses that’ll need to be more careful!).

What will post covid weddings will look like? 

Weddings always have been and always will be about love, so as long as you’re happy then that is all that should matter. However post covid weddings will be different.

  1. Hygiene will be a bigger thing, even after covid has gone the world will be more cautious about there ever being another virus spreading
  2. Food businesses will have even more rules on how it is served at big events like weddings.
  3. Venues will have to adhere to the max capacity rules a lot more strictly, so don’t go pushing your numbers higher.
  4. Social distancing will be a thing of the past however we’ll all have to remember there is a high likelihood this has affected a lot of people mentally, so need to be more considerate towards others and their personal space.
  5. As mentioned before, weddings are about love, so post covid weddings will still involve hugs and happiness.

Much love,

Em x