I feel I'm not speaking just on behalf of myself when I say how I miss my family more than ever right now. My sister in New Zealand has never felt further away, my family in Devon I just want to pop and have a coffee with, my nieces&nephews I just want to squeeze and my Mum...don't even get me started!

Aren't I so lucky to even have that list however though? A list of people I would give my left arm for the chance to go and do nothing but chat with. I enjoy being around families as much as I enjoy being with my own. Yes chaos is always inevitable when you all get together, but that's part of it all isn't it?

I don't really know why I'm writing this blog, other than to say how I'm really starting to miss the family photo shoots, I'm discovering Devon is more beautiful each and every day, yet I can't photograph anyone out and about in the wonderful countryside we call 'home'. On the plus side my list of new spots for photo shoots, is now extremely long. So when it does all kick off again, I am ready!

Right I better stop dreaming and start cooking tea...that's me pretending I'm busy tonight...

Love always,
Em x