The Blog of a Devon Wedding Photographer.

I've had more and more people recently asking when my next blog will be. When I write blogs I write them for me and completely forget that people will actually read them, even now I'm just expressing what's in my head, not thinking about the fact I am writing this for others. The truth is I haven't written a blog since April because I haven't had anything to say, I kind of went into a shut down mode after New Zealand and Canada, I was so confused about how you're suppose to live life after knowing what's out there. I've considered moving, I've considered selling everything, I've considered adopting...yes I realise how crazy each one of these sounds! I had a really really strong feeling that what I had been doing was wrong, finding happiness in buying clothes and the fact a Karen Millen jacket and Fairfax and Favour boots were keeping me content. I knew material items weren't the key to happiness but I wasn't sure what I could do to make me happier. After lots of prayers I slowly realised that the only way to true happiness is by helping others and a quote I've always hated 'charity starts at home' came to mind. I always hated it because I thought it meant not helping others, and potentially it does, but I took it as helping those close to you first. So that is where I'm at with life, it's time to put more time and effort into those around me. I feel we get so caught up in the fact that people out of our reach need us, we feel we can't take a year out to volunteer in a third world country, that we forget that everyone is fighting their own battle and needs someone. So if you've seen me post that I'm doing less photography, don't worry I am still in love with my wonderful 'job', I've just decided to live to my means, working less, buying less clothes and putting more time into others. That's where I'm at with this crazy world, who knows where it'll lead me but I am finally excited about this little world I'm living in.