Goodbye 2020

Devon Photographer

When I think back on this year, I realise in the 8 years of running the business I’ve probably never cried so many tears. 2020 has tested my business skills that’s for sure!

When it comes to my 9 2020 weddings there is one simple thing that stands out, something I can’t say has applied to any other year. It’s been the year of love. Every single wedding has bursted when it comes to how much love you can fit into one day. The happiness of not only the couple but those around them has been overwhelming. I have cried at pretty much every wedding too! It has been impossible to not be over the moon for a couple who has gone through so much, to see them finally be getting married is incredible.

I’ve done 128 photo shoots this year, each and every photo shoot has lifted my spirits and bought happiness to a not so wonderful time. The families I have met this year have been so so happy to be together, grateful that they have one another. It’s rare to witness a family all getting along for an hour (trust me I have a big family and this never happens!) but this year has shown that everyone just wants to be together, not caring about the insignificant details.

Dartmoor, oh you absolute beauty! A place that has been a true gift from God. Thank you Dartmoor for keeping me going mentally this year ❤️ I have always said how I hate landscape photography, it’s boring and I’ll never do it. I’m a people person and the thought of taking photos that anyone else could take seemed pointless to me. Turns out I was wrong; Dartmoor changes every second. The stormy days are just as beautiful as the summer sunsets and I feel so very lucky every time I’m stood there witnessing it all, often knowing I’m the only one who has seen it happen.

I’m ending the year happier than I’ve ever been, not because life is perfect but because amongst the carnage I can see the hope and love in everything that surrounds me.

The biggest thank you has to go out to my team (that’s you reading this!) You’re the reason I do what I do, the support I’ve had astonishes me and I’ll never be able to repay each and every one of you.

No one knows what 2021 holds, but if we get more of the above then I’m happy with that. Happy new year everyone.

Love always,
Em xx