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'The more you give the more you receive', has to be the most accurate quote I have ever come across and I read A LOT of quotes. Giving is something I don't do enough of, yet it's what makes me feel happiest. On Friday I went to the beach with Molly and we gave 2 ice creams to a couple sat near us, I genuinely don't think I've ever seen two people so happy and grateful for a ice cream. The couple said we'd made their day, yet it was their smile and excitement that had made ours.

Charity starts at home - no Molly and I didn't save anyone's life or make any major change to the world, but I believe the more we make these little acts of kindness not only will we feel happier but you could change the outlook of somebody's day. Potentially this couple will do similar when they next have the opportunity for some else. You never know the scale of your actions, my Mum always said to 'smile at a person who isn't smiling, because it might be the only smile they see all day' and because you don't know what headspace that person is in, 'your smile might have a bigger effect than you realise.' these are words that have always stuck with me, like I said earlier I read lots of quotes, but my Mum's wise words will always mean the most.

Never underestimate the scale of your actions.