Making Lockdown a Success

Dartmoor photography


When coronavirus hit the UK it would be safe to say that everything changed. For me, Emily Fleur, this meant wedding photography being cancelled and a lot of time to refocus what I can do.


The one walk a day rule started a new passion for me - Dartmoor. So after a couple weeks of heading up onto the hills, I started taking my camera with me. These photos soon became popular with my friends, family and social media following. It seemed that we all found a little bit of normality in the familiar sight of the moor that remained just as beautiful even in these difficult times. I wanted to bring Dartmoor's views into the homes of others and so Dartmoor Photography was born. This also created a job role for Holly, our new marketing manager.

365 Days

I will be taking a photo on Dartmoor every day to build up our collections of stunning Dartmoor views available. This will of course include your birthday, your anniversary, the day you proposed to you loved one and so on, making each date a special one to someone out there. I want to make every day available, rain or shine.

PopUp Business School

Last week I was lucky enough to join PopUp Business School's online, Zoom-based course alongside many other Devon businesses. It was so inspiring to see others starting their businesses from yoga classes to glamping, vegan cafe to dog grooming. 

You can follow our progress on Instagram too!