Monday 11th Feb 2019 - The day I lived twice.

Monday the 11th February 2019 is a day I won't be forgetting in a hurry, mainly because I've lived it twice. Once in New Zealand and now today in Vancouver. Odd isn't it, how travelling can enable you to go back in time. I'm not jet lagged at all here because it's only 3hrs different to NZ time, however a whole day behind.

I'm currently lying in a single bed, in a little room of a guest house near Downtown Vancouver. It's 8.15pm and I can hear people outside shuffling snow from one place to another, keeping their sidewalks clear for others. I arrived at 11.20am to 1 degree and snow, quickly forgetting the 30 degree sun I'd left behind. I have had a day of relaxed adventuring, looking my way around the local shops and cafe's. Snuggled here in bed makes me feel content and at ease, yet I sense a longing in my body to back, back with everyone and everything I know. It's a true privilege to be allowed to visit and stay in these countries, the people are so exceptionally welcoming and helpful and I love seeing the cultural differences. In Vancouver if you ask for help then you'll 100% have someone go out of their way to do so but they'll be doing it as they are rushing on by, on the other hand in New Zealand it'd be the same wonderful helpful nature, however you'd be then talking to the person for the next half an hour.

Leaving New Zealand was a tough one, not only because of the beautiful country and people but because of my wonderful sister and her family. The country itself and the friends I made will always have a special place in my heart, somewhere I'll think of often, I expect I'll be sat on a bus, walking to work, catching up with friends and I'll realise I am thinking about it, and not have a clue for how long I've been dreaming, about a country so far away, yet one that feels so close.

New Zealand should be classed as it's own world entirely, it's self contained and relies on no-one else. The way of life is different and the warmth of being so safe is incredible. I don't think of one particular person or place when I think back, but I am hit with a feeling, one that wraps you up and holds you tight, you know you're welcome to be you and whatever you do is okay. It's what makes it so appealing but it's not what I want everyday, I like feeling on edge now and again, it keeps me alive.

I go to Whistler tomorrow on a group bus tour, I am excited for the new places I am going to see, the photos I can take and to feel like it's just me here, so these memories are mine. I aim to make sure I keep that sense of excitement and block out the fact I really can not wait to cuddle my Mum and Milly at the airport on Thursday.

Time to put on the next Harry Potter film and grab a hot drink I feel.

Speak soon, Much Love,

Em x