My calling in life - Emily Fleur

I read a book recently, it mentioned how some of us are lucky enough to have moments in our job, when we know we're born to do that profession. I've struggled with being a photographer for a while now, especially a wedding photographer, because I knew it wasn't a life changing or saving career. This book taught me about the little feeling I get inside myself. It's a odd feeling, one of purpose and fulfilment as well as excitement, it happens during wedding days and sometimes after a photoshoot too. This book helped me understand how that's us knowing our calling, that's god confirming the skills I'm mastering, they are ones that will be needed again in the future. I know not everyone has a faith, but I wanted to share this with you. It's helped me know it's okay that my job isn't 'vital' but it is still important, and the skills i'm mastering will be required in the future... to me that means the world!

When I look back on the past 8 years, it's the weddings that stick out to me. Yes agriculture holds my photography heart, it's the aspect of life I love to photograph, capturing freeze frames of time that may never happen again. However within this heart that's held by agriculture, weddings sit firmly in the middle. Not for the obvious reason, yes weddings represent love, but no not because of that. Weddings light a fire in me. When I'm there I know I'm in the right place, doing the right job, helping the right people. The buzz and energy a wedding day provides me, well it's something I must thank every couple for.

Another part of the book talked about if there is something we always find doors being opened for. For me that would be photography, I've never understood it, just always been grateful for the opportunities I get. So maybe if you're reading this and like I was you're confused by all the different paths in life, stop and think about if any doors open themselves more than others?