On This Day

Dartmoor Photography

As many of you know, I venture up onto our glorious Dartmoor, rain or shine, each and every day.
I have been doing this since lockdown started due to the coronavirus back in April and the one-walk-a-day rule came into play. These photos have lead to people across the UK falling in love with Dartmoor and Devon life.
My prints with my Dartmoor photography have been so popular with friends, family and many people inspired by the moor and I have been truly humbled to share this passion with everyone. 
Everyday, there is something to celebrate. Someone was born today, someone proposed to the love of their life today, someone got their dream job today and I don’t want to let these days pass us by. My new collection, On This Day is a celebration of the everyday. You can find your auntie’s birthday, your child’s birthday for their bedroom wall or your friends-to-be-married’s special day on Dartmoor all in one place. It can be a wonderful gift for someone else or a self love treat.
I have so enjoyed capturing these days and needless to say will be adding to it daily (nothing can stop me now) so if your day is not quite there yet, rest assured it will be.
Take a wander around and find your day.