Personal Goals

I've certainly never been a person that you'd describe as unmotivated or that I dream too small, I know this and it's something I'd say defines me. However is it possible that you get so certain of who you are, that you don't actually know who you really are?

I feel I've realised recently that I've got so certain that I'm a person who tries hard at getting somewhere, that I completely ignored that I actually don't push myself with anything else other than with the businesses.

After becoming ill I was very much wrapped up in cotton wool, I believed I needed to be wrapped up else I'd become ill again. However I've started to push myself a little bit more, doing exercise, going out at night, making conversations that I know cause me to 'blip' and guess what? You can actually do more than you think! You have to go very very slowly but it's possible!

I've just come back from a run...a run!! I never ever thought I'd go on a run again, I was so sure I couldn't that I didn't even try. Over the last few months I've done more exercise. I started by doing small things but often, and I've slowly built on that.

Maybe we need to forget about the things we tell ourselves we can't do or perhaps it's more the case the things we've been told we can't do? Let's just start again? Push the limits that maybe just exist in our heads? Lets decide to go at everything with a completely open mind and see what we're capable of?

We did Okehampton Show last week with South West Photographers, anyone who does events with their business will understand how much goes on behind the scenes with these things and often by the day of the actual event you're so tired that being smiley, happy and approachable is hard, so you can imagine why I kind of thought I was crazy to be doing this when I get tired so easily. In spite of the obstacles that pushed my body to the extreme last week, I am here and I would happily do it again! I somehow didn't get a head ache last week and my tiredness wasn't life limiting in the slightest. It took a team of us for it to be possible but I'm proud, proud of all of us and especially my awesome body for coping.

Take care

Em x