Photoshoots in Devon

I'm trying my best to not wish I was outside taking photos of people. Photographing people is my favourite thing, followed by animals and then scenery. The expressions in a persons face are so fun to capture...okay now I'm just winding myself up on the fact I can't be doing that. So to keep myself happy with the fact I will one day be photographing people again I wanted to let you all know I'm compiling a list of people to contact who want a family photo shoot.

Once coronavirus allows us to meet up again I know that weekend & evening slots for photo shoots are going to be few and far between, due to fitting in months of backlog into one short space.

I already have a few families on my list to contact first, but if you'd like to be on this list too then please message me so you have priority.

Just to warn you however...I'm going to be a bit overexcitable for being allowed out with my camera so you might not actually want to see me for a while...

Much love as always,

Em xx