The Slade Family of Rosamondford Farm

Photography gives me the privilege to meeting some of the best farming families around. Steven Slade along with his daughter Elle and son Sam farm Rosamondford Farm. Last week we made the most of this wonderful late summer/early autumn sunshine and headed out into the fields to capture photos of their turkeys. The Slade family rear 9,000 turkeys each year and supply many of the large farm shops in the South West.

One of the main reasons I love meeting farming families is to get an insight into different businesses, and this family did not disappoint. They are clearly a very hardworking and all have a good head for business. This year we don’t know what Christmas will look like however I have no doubt Steven, Elle & Sam will make sure that their turkey business is a success.

Covid is going to mean that many businesses don’t survive, currently that is all we are hearing about. However there are businesses that due to their hard-work and determination are succeeding. I think it’s time we start celebrating them!

I wish the Slade’s Good Luck for the next 3months. It is usually a busy time for turkey farmers but I feel this year could be even harder.

Em x