What to ask your Wedding Photographer before you book

A friend asked me this week what questions she should be asking photographers for her wedding, so I thought that instead of just letting her know, I should also let everyone else know.

So you need to work out the main qualities you want in a photographer before you talk to one, photographers are also business people, they can give you a good sell and make you decide you want what they offer, so make sure you decide in advance. For example, do you want a photographer who takes really arty photos, or are you after a more traditional feel? Do you want someone who will stay all day? What are your priorities – lots of group photos, or photos of just you and your partner? Are you after someone who is really helpful on the day or someone who stays out of the way and just captures what is going on from the background? There are so, so, so many different types of photographers that it’s really important you decide what matters to you – Then make sure the main qualities are things you check your photographer does/is/has before you book!

1) Work out what budget you have for a photographer (£1500 is the average for the UK). However I suggest going through and deciding who are your favourite photographers before you look at price, price can influence you a lot, you might think 'oh they can't be good they're too cheap'. So select a few favourites and then ask them their prices. Make sure you include the day of the week in your email, because week days will probably be cheaper!

2) Ask the photographer where to find reviews, making sure you check social media ones...the ones they have no control over!

3) Ask how much experience they have at shooting weddings! Just because they can photograph a cat doesn't mean they can capture your big day.

4) How long after the wedding will it take to receive them back? Do you really want to be waiting 8 weeks?

5) What kind of person are they? Book meetings with your favourite photographers – you need to make sure you get along and have a connection.

6) Check how long 'full day coverage' is, this can vary on each photographer.

7) Talk to them about how they handle the group photos, what is their system? Do they seem confident at this?

8) How many photos will you receive?

9) Ask them how they'd describe their style of photography, is it what you had previously decided you wanted? If you want to be 100% sure that the photographer takes the type of photos you like then book an engagement shoot with them.

10) When they say 'two photographers' is the other one a professional or just a glorified assistant?

11) How will you receive your photos?

12) Confirm a price with the photographer, making sure you discuss albums etc. that you might want after the wedding and find out whether they’re the same price if you wait until after the wedding day.