Why farming and agriculture photography will always hold my heart

Growing up James Ravillious was the photographer my Mum adored, I too could fully see where she was coming from. My mum is the person I want to make happy more than anyone else, so naturally when I started doing photography I would practice around on the farm. I tried to think how Ravillious would've thought. For anyone who's had the privilege of seeing any of Ravillious' work, there is one thing that will stick out more than anything else... he doesn't stage anything, he doesn't make anything look perfect, in fact he does quite the opposite. Isn't there something simply beautiful in that? Managing to find the beauty in what's considered ugly.

I now do more than just farming photography, however if it wasn't for James Ravillious I highly doubt I would've ever picked up a camera. Wherever I am, I know that Ravillious has shaped the photographer I am in that moment, even staging photos which is something I do, I want to be making the moment as natural as possible.

So when you hear me say 'farming and agriculture will always hold my photography heart' you should know, farming it isn't all I enjoy photographing, however it's shaped the photographer I am today.