setting up, training & running social media accounts

We offer a mixed variety of services when it comes to your social media accounts. We can set up accounts for you to then take over and run. We can take over and run your existing accounts. Or we can teach you how to successfully use your social media accounts.


Daynes farm

For Daynes Farm, we set up their accounts and then taught them how to use them, they now successfully run them themselves.

orchard pickings

For Orchard Pickings, we designed their branding for them and then use this to create their social media accounts. Passing the control back to them once created.


nice rice

Nice Rice is owned and ran by our very own Holly!

Devon pumpkin picking

Devon Pumpkin Picking is jointly ran by Emily and her boyfriend Richard. 


Lockyer agri services

Lockyer Agri Services is a well established business that we have helped out with social media posts/ads and management.

fcn devon

FCN is a national charity helping the farming community and Emily volunteers for the FCN Devon team.